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Medical and pharmaceutical devices and packaging

Quality and traceability for product safety

Plastics are essential for medical devices and pharmaceutical packaging. Traceability, cleanliness, safety and precision are essential. Minimising the risk of contamination and maximising the quality of finished products, such as syringes, blister packs, cannulae, blood bags and pipes, fittings and cleanrooms, is therefore crucial in any type of production process: injection molding or high-precision blow molding. 

The Piovan Group has consolidated experience in the field of medical applications, thanks to which it is able to supply complete turnkey industrial automation systems for the processing of polymers. The solutions proposed ensure that the physical properties of the polymers remain unchanged during the production process and guarantee complete traceability of both the batches processed and the materials used for the automation system. Piovan has, in fact, developed Winfactory 4.0, the control and management software of the production process designed for the supervision of the digital factory. 

and reproducibility
for monitoring and traceability
the physical characteristics of plastics

Dosing & Blending

Volumetric, gravimetric, loss-in-weight, continuous or batch, are the technologies implemented in the series of blenders and dosing units of Piovan.

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Small, medium and large capacities, with the latest design for size reduction, granulation, recycling devices and accessories, represent the range of equipment of Piovan.

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Flour cooling

Electrostatic coating




Supervision and Process Control




Sugar handling

Integrated Solutions

Flexcool solution can use ambient temperature to cool the processing equipment. Such a peculiar strategic feature makes Flexcool ideally suitable to serve sets of injection moulding machines having diverse characteristic, that is, in those working situations where different machines are required to operate at varying processing conditions of temperature, flow, pressure. Flexcool ensures the highest level of control, flexibility and energy efficiency.

Pet-Cooling Solutions

With specific skills and deep knowledge of the PET preform production process, Aquatech provides customised solutions able to satisfy the specific cooling needs of the PET preform sector.

Air-Cooled Chillers

Aquatech air-cooled chillers provide the ideal cooling solution for a wide range of industrial applications related to the plastics processing and to the food industry.

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Water-Cooled Chillers

Aquatech water-cooled chillers provide high quality, operation efficiency, and energy savings for a wide range of industrial applications related to the plastics processing and to the food industry.

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Dry Coolers

Aquatech dry coolers are the best answer to the needs of various industrial processes and applications where it is essential to constantly cool the fluid used for the heat exchange at a temperature greater than or equal to that of the external environment. Representing an effective alternative to cooling towers with low costs and low energy consumption.

Pump Stations

A very high attention and considerable importance is given to pumps, the devices that allow cooling and chilled water circulate throughout the circuit.

Customised Solutions

Every solutions can be totally tailor made on customer request.

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