LS-4 & LS-8 GT Loaders


Exceptional material visibility with minimal material residence time

  • Self-contained glass tube modular units
  • Seamless, stainless steel design
  • Pulse clean filter

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    Ideal for beside the press conveying of virgin or regrind material, the LS-4 GT Series self contained glass tube loader has a maximum throughput of 100 PPH and the LS-8 GT Series has a maximum throughput of 400 PPH. Each comes complete with a vacuum blower/motor assembly mounted on the vacuum lid, flexible hose with clamps, sweep elbow, suction lance and a Pyrex glass tube fee hopper with level switch.

    Low maintenance and self-cleaning, the filter is clean with blow back of compressed air after each loading cycle. Easy setup, standard SCL control, visual confirmation of material flow and a loader that is easy to maintain - the LS GT Series is an excellent selection for all beside the press conveying needs.

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