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Flexible film

Maximise the factory productivity with full automation for raw materials distribution and extrusion control

Extrusion of Flexible Film is a market in continuous evolution and over the years it has become a process where the care of all details related to manufacturing is an essential feature to be competitive. Whatever the application sector, food packaging, industrial, hygiene or agricultural film, PiovanGroup is the ideal partner with which to develop the right solution.

PiovanGroup design, manufacture and install machinery and complete turn-key plants to maximise the productivity of blown, cast and bi-oriented film extrusion lines.

The long co-operation with the main leading OEMs in the Extrusion of Flexible Film has allowed the Group to develop extremely reliable solutions suitable for this high technological demanding sector.

The process efficiency is our main target to maximise productivity, even with frequent recipe changes, whilst minimising the possibility of human error and reducing waste. Our expertise involves all the most relevant processes that contribute to high quality film manufacturing.

Piovan's range of products includes, among others, storage silos, daily bins, big bag and octabin unloading units, pressure, dense phase and vacuum pneumatic feeding systems, de-dusting units, automatic and manual distribution systems, dryers, gravimetric batch and gravimetric continuous blenders, film weight and thickness control, manual and automatic air cooling ring, process control and supervising software.

for flexible film production
with solutions for Industry 4.0
plant productivity

Feeding & Conveying

The range of Piovan solutions spans from stand-alone single material loaders to central multiple material systems.

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Drying & Dehumidifying

Broad selection of technologies to perform the drying process in the best condition possible for the raw material.

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Dosing & Blending

Volumetric, gravimetric, loss-in-weight, continuous or batch, are the technologies implemented in the series of blenders and dosing units of Piovan.

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Temperature control

Efficiency of heat exchange and reliability of operation characterise our range of temperature control units.

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The simplest way of measuring AA levels in PET preforms. The Piovan Lab-Tech range allows utmost production monitoring, by providing real time analysis of acetaldehyde content in the PET preforms.

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Flour cooling

Electrostatic coating




Supervision and Process Control




Sugar handling

Integrated Solutions

Flexcool solution can use ambient temperature to cool the processing equipment. Such a peculiar strategic feature makes Flexcool ideally suitable to serve sets of injection moulding machines having diverse characteristic, that is, in those working situations where different machines are required to operate at varying processing conditions of temperature, flow, pressure. Flexcool ensures the highest level of control, flexibility and energy efficiency.

Pet-Cooling Solutions

With specific skills and deep knowledge of the PET preform production process, we provide customised solutions able to satisfy the specific cooling needs of the PET preform sector.

Machine-Side Chillers

Our product range includes a line of thermochillers which have the function to heat and cool the process circuit of injection and blow moulding machines utilized in the plastics processing. Available in the single or dual circuit versions, these machines provide maximum cooling yield with minimum energy consumption.

Temperature Controllers

Efficiency of heat exchange and reliability of operation characterise our range of temperature control units.

Dry Coolers

Our dry coolers are the best answer to the needs of various industrial processes and applications where it is essential to constantly cool the fluid used for the heat exchange at a temperature greater than or equal to that of the external environment. Representing an effective alternative to cooling towers with low costs and low energy consumption.

Water and Environmental Treatment

Pump Stations

A very high attention and considerable importance is given to pumps, the devices that allow cooling and chilled water circulate throughout the circuit.