Vacuum loaders

  • Made of stainless steel
  • Insulated version for temperatures up to 160°C
  • Filling level detection by capacitive or rotary level sensor considering the bulk properties

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    High quality made of stainless steel and modular solutions for any kind of requirement. FDM supplies vacuum loaders for pellets, micro granules, regrind/flakes or powder. The conveying range of our standard program is from 1-2000kg/h depending on the bulk properties. As customized solutions, we also provide equipment for higher values.

    ● Selfcleaning filter system for powder or any kind of material with a high grade of dust
    ● Several discharge solutions to support the emptying process of poor flowing bulk
    ● Inner surface teflon coated
    ● Designed as suction scale on load cells
    ● Sight glass
    ● Tiltable lid
    ● Execution with bottom flap or slide gate
    ● Customized solutions
    ● Siemens control

    Vacuum/filter stations
    Regarding economy and cost reduction central vacuum stations are the optimal solution.

    Features and options:
    ● With side channel or rotary piston blower
    ● Self cleaning dust separator in different sizes
    ● Central vacuum with active vacuum regulation
    ● Siemens control

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