Awareness and commitment to balanced and sustainable growth

ESG issues are an excellent opportunity to structure sustainable growth while respecting environmental, social equity and governance values.
Nicola Piovan
Executive President

Our achievements

ESG - Environmental sustainability

Plastic is much more recyclable than you think; in fact, many of the plastic polymers can potentially be recycled into new products while minimising environmental pollution. 

 Plastic has a low environmental impact in the production phase due to its relatively low melting temperature and light weight. It also has a low impact on scarce resources as it derives from processing waste, if virgin, or from recycled material (unlike other packaging, such as paper that can contribute to deforestation).  

The Group is increasingly focusing on solutions for the recovery of post-consumer plastic and its processing. We are constantly working with the biggest industry players to offer innovative solutions using recycled or biodegradable plastic. 

Recycling and bioplastics
Energy efficiency
EnvironmeNtal policies
Waste management

Recycling and bioplastics

Our aim is to provide our customers with the best possible technologies so that they can process recycled plastics with the highest quality standards, optimising impacts and offering reliable, high-performance, design products.
14 patents filed by the Group related to the circular economy or in any case related to recycling.
More than 300 installations since 2005, and we guarantee compatibility with innovative materials such as bioplastics, PLA and Mater-Bi.


The Group designs and makes products with an average useful life of 10-15 years and ensures high standards of post-sales service, including a retrofit service that increases a product’s remaining useful life.
Once a machine is decommissioned, it can be dismantled for parts, which are over 86% recyclable.

Energy efficiency

To accelerate the sustainability of our customers, Energys, the Group's certified ESCo, aims to advise on everything that can lead to energy savings with services and technology for analysing consumption and identifying potential savings.

· 1,605 white certificates obtained in 2022
· 11,392 GJ customer savings generated by white certificates. 

Environmental policies

Environmental impact management and control system, with a view to continuous effective and sustainable improvement with ISO 14001:2015 certification for the parent company. The performance indicators identified in this area are:
· Energy consumption and related emissions
· Waste management
· Water consumption management.

Waste management

The amount and type of waste produced by an organisation represent the consequences of activities necessary for production and operations. It is essential to understand where in the value chain this waste is generated in order to better understand its impacts and implement actions to mitigate its effects and to take measures to promote circularity.
During 2022, 994.3 t of waste were collected. The quantity of hazardous waste treated in 2022 compared to 2021 decreased by 4%. 

ESG - Social sustainability

The quality of what we do reflects the quality of the people who work with us. People who know they can count on an organisation that motivates each employee, enhances their talents, and enhances their skills. 

People who enjoy an optimal working environment, have good career opportunities, and are proud to be part of a Group in which they trust and with which they share objectives and values. 

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

Piovan Group encourages the participation and responsible involvement of its people, also through social dialogue, in order to improve their inclusion and ensure that its values and culture are fully understood.
Respect for the diversity value within the Group and inclusion are principles practised daily by the Group's management and disseminated throughout the organisation. In addition, the Board of Directors has approved the Diversity Policy aimed at promoting and protecting gender, age and seniority diversity in relation to the bodies in office.

· 17% of women employed on the total number of employees in 2022
· +53% of women in 2022 compared to 2021


Piovan Group considers training a strategic resource. The investment in training is therefore not only initial, but is distributed over time, in order to foster professional growth, individual motivation and professionalism to ensure the quality of products and services. Piovan has always believed that the development and sharing of skills are factors that determine the creation of a solid and successful company.

· More than 80% of the Group's employees took part in training courses in 2022
· +154% training in 2022 compared to 2021


The safety and health of the Group's employees are a priority. Creating a safe and comfortable workplace means not only ensuring full compliance with laws and regulations, but also working constantly to develop and keep up-to-date a comprehensive risk analysis and spreading a culture of health and safety.
Confirming its commitment to occupational health and safety, in 2019 the parent company achieved ISO 45001:2018 (Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems) certification.

Work-life balance

Piovan S.p.A. has developed a welfare plan that allows employees to improve their work-life balance and to access innovative personnel management policies.

The actions in place are numerous, starting from the flexibility of working hours which allows autonomy in time management, to the granting of various types of part-time.

Local communities

The social commitment of Piovan S.p.A. is based on the concept of the company's responsibility towards the social fabric in which it is inserted and is an expression of the will of the company's top management. The deep connection with the territory translates into a continuous exchange of knowledge and experience, as the performance and success of the company also passes through the welfare of the society in which it operates.

Piovan S.p.A., among other things, contributes to the sponsorship and enhancement of sports and youth activities in the territory.

ESG - Governance

The Company considers an adequate governance structure and an effective control environment to be a fundamental element of its management and organisation, as a set of instruments, processes and bodies necessary and useful to direct, manage and verify corporate operations, with a view to efficient and ethical business practice.

In terms of corporate governance, Piovan S.p.A. has adopted a codified structure, with particular reference to the adoption of the principles set forth in the Corporate Governance Code drawn up by the Corporate Governance Committee of Borsa Italiana.

The corporate bodies that form Piovan S.p.A. governance system are as follows:

  • board of directors
  • internal committees
  • board of statutory auditors
  • shareholders' meeting
  • supervisory body.
Board of Directors
Control and Risk and Sustainability Committee
Code of Ethics
Fight against corruption

Composition of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is currently composed of 7 members, 5 of whom are non-executive and 4 independent. The Chairman of the Board of Directors has an executive role. In addition to the powers assigned to it by law and the Articles of Association, the Board of Directors has exclusive jurisdiction over the most important decisions both from an economic and strategic point of view and in terms of their structural impact on operations, i.e. those functional to the monitoring and guidance of the Company and the Group.

The composition of the Board of Directors by gender is 71% male and 29% female and by age is 14% up to 50 years old and 86% over.

Control and Risk and Sustainability Committee

The Group's governance structure includes a Control and Risk and Sustainability Committee composed of three non-executive members, the majority of whom are independent.

The Control and Risk and Sustainability Committee, among other activities, supports and advises the Board of Directors on sustainability issues and evaluates sustainability policies aimed at ensuring the creation of value over time for all other stakeholders in the medium-long term, in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. Furthermore, the Control and Risk and Sustainability Committee evaluates the sustainability guidelines, objectives and consequent processes, and the sustainability reporting submitted annually to the Board of Directors, including, in particular, the Sustainability Report.

Code of Ethics

To clearly define the responsibility and reference values, Piovan Group has decided to adopt a Code of Ethics, approved by the Board of Directors of the Parent Company and implemented by the subsidiary entities and intended for directors, statutory auditors, management, internal collaborators, as well as all those who permanently or temporarily establish, for any reason, relationships and collaborations with the Company for the pursuit of the corporate objectives.

The principles set out in the Code are aimed at increasing the efficiency of the organisation, directing the addressees towards positive objectives, capable of producing benefits both for those directly concerned and for the reference environment as a whole, through the improvement of internal relations and attention to good reputation. 

Through the Code of Ethics, the Group has sought to highlight and disseminate the values that have always accompanied it, such as 

  • correctness 
  • transparency and accessibility of information 
  • diligence and professionalism 
  • valorisation, responsibility of human resources and proper use of company assets 
  • equal opportunities and prohibition of harassment 
  • health and safety at work. 

Fight against corruption

Piovan Group carries out its business activities in compliance with the values and principles contained in the Code of Ethics, in the belief that business management cannot disregard ethics in both internal and external relationships. In this regard, combating corruption, both active and passive, by rejecting it in any context and in any form, constitutes a concrete commitment for the Group.

Piovan Group intends to raise awareness on corruption and on how to counter it among its employees, representatives, suppliers, partners and anyone who carries out activities in the name of, on behalf of or under the control of the Group and encourages their responsible involvement in order to strengthen the effectiveness and ethical reputation of Piovan Group.
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