Systems for the food industry

Complete turn-key food production systems

PiovanGroup manufactures complete turnkey plants for the handling of raw materials, both in powder form, in liquid and in cream form.

With an expertise of more than 25 years, the Group is able to meet the customer's requirements in the design and construction of complex turnkey plants, following all the process phases: from the reception of the material from tanker trucks or tanks to the reception of the product in bags and sacks; from the storage in silos and hoppers to the transport; from the receiving filters placed above the mixer loading tower to the in-line sieving and dosing of the raw materials for the correct feeding of a mixer.

To ensure maximum control and quality, processes can be supervised with custom PLC systems.
Automation for the food industry must be capable of handling a wide variety of raw materials. The Group's experience covers a wide range from the handling of milk powder, sugar, flour and coffee to the preparation of beverages and chocolate.