Systems for the plastics industry

Sector-specific solutions

Plastic polymers play a fundamental role in every business area: from packaging to medical, from construction to automotive, from electronics to communications, from furniture to textiles. It is a light, strong and ductile material which, with the correct supply chain and behaviour by end users, can be easily recycled. The entire plastic production and processing chain must be able to innovate continuously to improve the performance and sustainability of products and processes.
Producing plastic products requires specific skills for the various process steps, the polymer being processed and the technology.
Storage, transport, dehumidification, dosing, temperature control, refrigeration and dew point and process control are just some of the phases in which a partner like the PiovanGroup supports manufacturers with integrated solutions and monitoring and tracking software.
The PiovanGroup has always been at the forefront in the search for integrated, high-efficiency eco-sustainable solutions that optimise the use of raw materials and the consumption of energy resources, allow the intelligent transformation of polymers and support the evolution of material recycling techniques. These solutions allow plastics to be used in an environmentally friendly way.
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