Up to 800 kg/h

  • High dosing precision and accuracy
  • Quick material change and simple cleaning
  • Perfect mixing with semi spherical shape and special shaft design

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    Quantum are gravimetric blenders suitable for all plastic materials, immune to vibrations and easy to use. All the surfaces that come into contact with the process material are stainless steel and can be used in the most critical environments, like the medical and food packaging sectors. Its semispherical shape assures perfect mixing without stagnation. The range can have up to 6 dosing stations, which can be easily removed, for emptying or cleaning.

    The mixer can be installed remotely over the processing machine assures the best mixing, especially after conveying of materials with different densities over long distances.

    Designed to simplify the change of materials, when weight and size are compatible with safe handling, dosing stations can be easily and rapidly removed by one operator only.

    Quantum blenders are available with Premium Evo, 10” touch screen with all the main information on the blender and easy access to settings and event/ alarm. Ethernet port and the USB interface allow the log file to be downloaded and integration with supervision systems, such as Piovan Winfactory 4.0. This allows consumption calculation to optimize stock or production and assists the quality department in tracking and storing all the production phases.

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