Cooling capacity: 167 to 410 kW

  • High efficiency
  • Inverter driven screw compressor
  • Inverter driven fans

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    Model CA
    INVERTER driven SCREW compressor

    The Ecosmart Inverter driven chillers provide low temperature water assuring the highest energy efficient functioning.

    INVERTER TECHNOLOGY works on the principle of variable compressor motor speed; an electrical signal is given to the compressor motor to adjust the screw speed according to the thermal load. If the thermal load is high the compressor runs faster developing a higher refrigerant flow rate and accordingly increasing the cooling power; on the contrary, the inverter reduces the refrigerant flow rate reducing the cooling power supplied consequently.

    High efficiency: highest EER in any working condition (partial loads)
    Inverter driven screw compressor: stepless continuous modulation from 25% to 100%
    Inverter driven fans: air flow continuous adjustment
    Internal pump inverter driven: to have stable values of pressure of water process in any working condition
    Oversized condensers evaporators
    EEV electronic expansion valve to reach the high est water temperature stability (+/- 0.4°C in the evaporator outlet)
    Extended compressor life: no inrush current
    • Lower friction
    Safe functioning: differential pressure switches, oil flow switches, water flow switches
    Simplified installation (indoor or outdoor), with facilitated and quick startup operations
    Eco-compatible: green refrigerant R134a
    Low noise operation level

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    Only available in:
    HK, CN, MO