Self adjustable and auto-adaptive to cut energy utilization to half in PET production

  • Highest COP values now available on the market
  • Auto-adaptive functioning
  • Stable process conditions

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    This range of chillers adopts state-of-the-art cooling devices to reach the highest performance in terms of efficiency, accuracy and reliability.

    The PETChiller works on the principle of variable compressor motor speed; an electrical signal is given to the compressor motor to adjust the screw speed according to the thermal load.
    If the thermal load is high the compressor runs faster developing a higher refrigerant flow rate and accordingly increasing the cooling power; on the contrary, the inverter reduces the refrigerant flow rate reducing the cooling power supplied consequently.

    Main features
    Inverter controlled screw compressor: (stable process conditions and optimised energy utilisation)
    Inverter controlled process water pump: (the quantity of water to supply to the utilities is automatically determined based on the temperature differential in/out)
    Braised plate stainless steel heat exchangers
    Electronic expansion valve (modulation, control and regular gas expansion are key for a process that on top of being efficient must also be very accurate)
    Accurate temperature control (accuracy of 0.1ºC, versus temperature variations of 1ºC and more of conventional chilled water systems)

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    Only available in:
    MO, HK, CN