Grado Adroit

  • Dual function: Dosing and gravimetric control of the extrusion process
  • Flexibility: thanks to the fully modular design, purchase only what needed and expand it later without additional installation costs
  • Ease of maintenance: easy access to all components makes routine cleaning and maintenance extremely quick and easy

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    Grado Adroit represents the third generation of Doteco's "batch" gravimetric feeders, designed to blend good flowing granules where accurate dosing and effective mixing are indispensable requirements.

    The fully modular configuration allows the number of ingredients to be varied at any time (from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 6) by simply installing additional dosing stations. The resulting degree of extreme flexibility allows Grado Adroit to adapt perfectly to the customer's production needs, even if they change over time.

    Slide gates made of low-inertia technopolymers, high-resolution load cells (24 bit - 0.004gr.), gel dampers to reduce the effect of vibrations and a timed mixer placed on top of a load cell ensure extremely accurate dosing.

    The extreme versatility, combined with high performance and field-tested reliability, makes Grado Adroit the ideal instrument for a wide range of applications.

    Grado Adroit is available in 4 sizes with maximum throughput up to 200, 400, 800 and 1,300 kg/h, from 2 to 6 ingredients and up to 8 components in the Grado Adroit Otto version.

    Grado Adroit can also be equipped with Graviclean, the automatic cleaning system.

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