FOCUS Control


Everything you need to know at your fingertips

  • Real-time, on-screen graphing of all key datapoints allows easy check of operational parameters
  • Control regeneration by dewpoint or time settings
  • Seven-day clock allows automatic operation on either a one-time or repetitive basis

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    The FOCUS series controllers provide the latest in advanced capabilities for dryers. Implemented utilizing the latest electronics’ technology, they provide for a small package that is feature-packed and user-friendly.

    All FOCUS controls are dual-LCD capable for both local and remote operation. Built-in data logging capability is included in all FOCUS controllers and important operating parameters can be graphed onscreen, downloaded into an Excel spread sheet, and can be displayed and controlled by an available FACS monitoring system. An optional, plug-on, dual-VCL controller allows any FOCUS dryer to also provide conveying operations for two material chambers – no separate loader controller required.
    The FOCUS control comes in different models each with varying capabilities depending on the needs and machines.

    Models include:
    FOCUS, FOCUS-pro, FOCUS-max and FOCUS-fit.

    • A bright, full-color, touchscreen, graphic LCD displays all operating and dewpoint temperatures as well as other operating parameters
    • Protect your material with the MaterialSaver function. Built-in data logging saves almost 2 days of detailed operating parameters and is easily imported into an excel spreadsheet
    • Other features include dual heater control, choice between two different range dewpoint sensors, programmable alarms, password protection, system diagnostics, and SPI communications with integration into FACS

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