Lybra LG - LGR


From 0.21 to 190 kg/h

  • High accuracy
  • Easy to use with microprocessor, 7” touch screen and Ethernet
  • Suitable for low melting additives

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    Lybra LG is a gravimetric doser which is precise and flexible. It is also available in cooled version under the name of LGR.

    The dosing auger available in 3 configurations, single, dual or triple flight screws, assures high level of accuracy and repeatability.
    The intuitive graphical user interface allows the operator to control the main parameters such as actual and set values or instantaneous production and access all unit’s functions.

    Lybra LG/LGR can be easily integrated in supervision system and is Winfactory 4.0 ready.
    The central body is provided with a static mixer that makes the additives entering in the middle of the virgin column, assuring a perfect mixing.

    Lybra features an angled dosing station which controls excess feeding of the additive into the process stream and a dual load cell design, where only the residence hopper is supported by load cells. A separate support bracket isolates the hopper loader from the feeding system. This design allows higher material throughput, greater accuracy and less wear and tear on the unit.

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