• Simple, ethernet connectivity for power and control
  • Infinite Low-Cost DIY Expansions
  • PC Server HMI with up to 16 Clients PCs or Tablets with Machine Auxiliary Interface

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    Conveying System Controller using “Power Over Ethernet” technology for communication and powered device operation. HMI is accomplished using Windows PCs Server workstation, with available 16 client computers or tablets for re-mote monitoring and access. POE Switch Panels are provided to comprise the FACS Machinery Network, configured with the necessary POE Ethernet Ports to connect to remote device panels to operate the system components. FACS Panels are available for Pumps, Station groups, Purge Valve groups and Utility Panels, each with the required I/O points to operate the equipment. Alarm visualization is provided with dedicated Annunciator Panel, configurable to the selectable component conditions.

    Equipment groups are assembled in proximity to the Main POE Switch, to operate the local area machines. Remote POE Switches can be added to the Non-POE network to provide additional I/O points in a remote area using Star Network Topography.

    FACS 4.E is more than a conveying system control, it can serve as a central supervisory system with direct machinery interfaces for monitoring and control of Dryers, Central Dryer Units, Crys-tallizers, Blenders and Silos.

    Using the Windows-based platform, FACS 4.E is simple to install, setup and operate. Full graphic displays show all component functions and device indication. Extensive input screens are available for all device parameter setting.

    All changes are logged with Event and Alarm History reports are available on demand, selectable by production range.

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