Blendo Adroit

  • High accuracy even at low dosing rates
  • Mix homogeneity
  • Full modularity from 2 to 6 components

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    Blendo Adroit is the ideal solution for extrusion processes where high dosing accuracy and a homogeneous dispersion of additives are fundamental requirements.

    The special design of the dosing units and the use of high-resolution electronic load cells allow to achieve high performance even at low dosage rates.

    Dosing units with inclined auger screws, improve the accuracy and prevent undesired spillovers.

    Auger screws are controlled by direct-drive (gearless), brushless motors with a wide rotation range (1 to 600 rpm).

    The design of the cascade mixer, prevents the formation of preferential flows, ensuring excellent homogeneity, even in the case of materials with different bulk densities.

    Available in 4 sizes with a maximum throughput of 200, 400, 800, and 1300 kg/h and in HT (high temperature) version for dosing heated materials.

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