From 250 to 3,500 m3/h

  • Full auto-adaptive operation
  • Automatic air-flow adjust and stabilization
  • Regeneration heat recovery system

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    The GMP range is available in 3 configurations SMART, PLUS and ADAPTIVE. The operator’s interface is an 7", colour touch screen. The HMI offers access to all the system’s components for specific adjustments or settings.

    GMP is a single or multi hopper drying system, that can adapt and automatically control operating parameters, such as temperature, Dew point and flow rate of the process air, according to the production detected.

    A flow meter, located in the air supply line, controls the air flow instantaneously and so the airflow is modulated automatically by the drying unit, resulting in optimum process operating conditions and energy optimization.

    In case of many different raw materials to dry, one GMP dryer can be combined with a multi-hopper system. This is a highly flexible and cost effective solution.

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