Quantum E

  • Configuration for single extrusion and for co-extrusion lines
  • Double load cells and PLC control for maximum accuracy in throughput detection
  • Easy-to-remove mixer and weigh hopper for simplified maintenance

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    Quantum E is a simple and effective solution for dosing and control of the extrusion process. Its control is by means of latest-generation PLC, with colour touch screens up to 15”, for total extrusion control in real-time.

    Quantum E is very versatile thanks to 8 dosing stations: each station is added or replaced by a simple mechanical operation without the need for complex manoeuvring and in conditions of complete safety for the operator and nearby equipment.

    Quantum E has been designed and built for total process traceability especially in conjunction with Winfactory 4.0.

    The particular design of the patented spherical mixer, with double load cells, assure homogeneous and precise blend of the various ingredients.

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