USC Hopper


Solid cone promotes better air distribution

  • Insulated throat to lid
  • Insulated side walls and access door
  • Machine, mezzanine or stand mounted

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    Ideal for virgin pellets, free flowing regrinds or blends of these resins. The USC Series drying hopper is constructed with a sold cone in order to promote mass material flow and even air distribution for efficient resin drying.

    Featuring a split ring design the upper two-thirds of the chamber can be completely removed from the lower section. The design includes a slide-gate material drain-out, access door, sight glasses, air inlet and outlet, fiberglass insulation with a steel wrapper.

    Proper size selection of a drying hopper is essential to optimal system performance.

    • Solid cone hopper
    • Laser cut access doors
    • Heavy duty lid and door clamps
    • Clear sight glass windows
    • Material drain-out port
    • Slide gate material shut-off

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