The next level of energy efficiency and flexibility

  • Highest accuracy of control
  • Flexibility of duty
  • Efficiency of energy utilization

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    Industrial cooling technologies evolve at a high pace, so to keep up with the demand of being more and more process centred and adaptive to increasingly variable production conditions. Flexcool was developed to cope with those stringent conditions of operation and to deliver the highest accuracy of control, flexibility of duty and efficiency of energy utilization. Thermal Care’s newly introduced range of thermochiller of the DigitempEvo series, along with the new line of Aryacool dry cooler units, are the main elements of the Flexcool solution and represent the state of the art in the design of modern cooling equipment and controls.

    Flexcool solution

    Piping - simplified water distribution
    Only one pipe line at the ambient temperature, instead of the large and insulated pipeline required from the central cooling plant.

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