• Improved productivity of the IMM by reducing cycle time and minimizing scraps rate
  • High flexibility with a wide temperature range from 5 to 90°C and possibility to control two temperatures
  • Maximum efficiency thanks to the scroll compressor and the free cooling function

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    DigitempEvo is a thermochiller, that combines the functions of a temperature control unit and a water cooled chiller.The DigitempEvo has three running modes according to the boundary conditions:

    1—cooling: the machine works as a water cooled chiller; the internal refrigerant circuit and high efficiency scroll compressor are activated to produce the required cooling power.

    2—heating: the electrical heating elements are activated and the process water is heated up to 90°C so that the mould can reach the right working conditions.

    3—free-cooling: if the running conditions are favourable, the cooling of the process water can be achieved with just a heat exchanger, between the process and condensing unit.

    DigitempEvo guarantees the maxi-mum level of efficiency thanks to the modulating capacity of the digital scroll compressor, the free cooling function and the fine control of the cooling capacity realised with the electronic expansion valve.

    DigitempEvo improves productivity, reducing cycle time and assuring mould temperature stability and consistency.

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    Only available in:
    CN, MO, HK