• Clean process water
  • Automatic anti-pollen function
  • Simplified maintenance

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    Aryacool+ adiabatic liquid cooler is the synthesis of a decennial global experience and encompasses answers to all those industrial customers who are looking for process sustainability.

    Among the key features to highlight:
    DuoCool control: two independent process temperature
    Self-drain solution: no antifreeze needed in cold area
    Adiabatic booster spray: extra spray for high humidity countries
    Dry version: no PAD and optimized energy consumption
    WRS Water Recovery System: to further reduce water consumption

    The logistics are optimised as the unit can be handled by forklift or crane. All versions can be shipped through standard 20 or 40 feet containers.

    The HMI is user friendly and can be operated either by remote, through LAN and or Internet.

    Main features:
    Flexcoool solution: Aryacool+ is a core unit of the Flexcool solution, supplying the water cooled chillers and the IMM hydraulic heat exchangers
    Industrial plant application: Aryacool+ has been intensively used in power generation, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics
    • Touch panel display: user friendly interface
    • Adjustable feet to keep the unit level
    • Water drainage: any cooling water droplets not fully evaporated are drained into a pipe, avoiding stagnation on the floor below the unit

    • Clean process water: due to the closed loop system, no risk of oxidation, algae, legionella bacteria
    • Operating cost saving: no formation of scale on pipes, heat exchangers and moulds strongly reduces energy and maintenance costs
    • Water Saving: thanks to new Aquatech technology, Aryacool+ utilises 30% less water compared to market benchmarks
    • Extra efficiency: electronic motors (EC) with integrated speed controller, special fan blade with high efficiency (900mm)
    • Automatic anti-pollen function: programmable, automatic cycle that reverses the fan rotation and flushes the pollen outwards
    • Simplified maintenance: evaporative PAD, EC fans, feeding water devices can be easily maintained by any operator. The internal controller automatically recalls maintenance programs
    • High efficiency heat exchangers with minimum footprint: the range has been designed to optimize the ratio cooling capacity/surface


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    Only available in:
    CN, HK, MO