Up to 2,500 l

  • Efficient thanks to the effective thermal insulation
  • Easy accessible
  • Independent set point for each single hopper

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    PTU and PTUN can be combined in a multi-hopper drying system in order to guarantee maximum flexibility.

    Each hopper is equipped with an electrical heater on board and the control allows the setting of a different temperature for each hopper; in this way different materials can be dried at the same time, using the right process parameters for each of them. The process air flow passing through the hopper can be adjusted by the operator or in a fully automatic mode according to the actual production with Modula.

    With a multi-hopper drying system it is possible to dedicate a drying hopper for each material, making quicker and easier material changes without the need of cleaning and emptying operations. The presence of just one main cost effective.

    The drying hoppers are realised acPTU-SET T75 cording to the highest quality standard T100 with complete insulation layer, smooth T150 stainless steel surface in contact with PTUN-SET T200 the plastic chips and a wide door for maintenance and cleaning.

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