Easytherm Flow


Up to 140°C, 300 l/m or 130 m head

  • Time reduction in process start-up
  • Reduction of molding cycle time
  • Fast payback of investment

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    The ETP-F series is designed to meet market needs where high-water flow rates and very precise mold temperature control are required. The temperature controller employs highly reliable components and advanced control to manage and monitor temperature, flow rate, and pressure. The multiprotocol board allows precise interfacing with the injection molding machine.

    With the ETP-F series it is possible to equip a specific series of multistage pumps capable of reaching very high flow rates, up to 300 l/min or heads up to 130 meters.

    The pump is natively controlled by an inverter that interacts with the HMI of the temperature controller allowing the operator to take action quickly during the molding process. The inverter also allows the pump speed to be set according to the needs of the process ensuring optimal work and containing energy consumption.

    In the field, ETP-F allows without any particular setting an important reduction of cycle time and a faster start-up of the mold up to 20 %.

    Considering the result in terms of high efficiency achievement ETP-F series allows a fast payback of the investment.

    ETP-F series offers a wide range of solutions in terms of pump performance, heat exchangers such as, coil, plate system, and direct injection for high cool efficiency.

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