From 0.5 to 25 kg/h

  • Compact design
  • Dew Point values down to -40 °C
  • Programmable database of 50 materials with predefined values

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    DPA Series use compressed air for drying hygroscopic polymers.

    The running parameters can be easily loaded from the internal database.
    With the use of desiccant cartridges DPA can reach lower Dew Point values (up to –40°C).
    For the models with glass hopper, the removable cone allows easy and fast cleaning operations.

    The control manages the airflow in 7 increments and adjusts the dryer's functioning according to the material throughput. The system thus avoids wastage of energy and compressed air.
    DPA dryers can be equipped with the IMD (Intelligent Material Drying) that ensures an optimal management of the drying process, avoiding material over-heating and thermal degradation.
    Thanks to the Material Database, the control automatically regulates the process condition once the material has been selected and the hourly throughput has been set.

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