Dual Ratio Valves


Quick release access cover with safety Lock-Out

  • Struttura in acciaio inox
  • Wear resistant surfaces
  • 110/220/ 24 Vac, and 24 Vdc control

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    The External Dual Ratio Series of externally mounted Dual Ratio Valves is the quickest answer to converting existing single inlet chambers to dual inlet chambers.

    The valve is designed with stainless steel construction, wear resistant seals and with further standard features including dual high speed "Posi-Seal valves.", quick connect self-sealing air fittings, and the material view port. The valve seating surface is highly wear resistant and can be spun 180 degrees to immediately provide another wear surface.

    Complete with a simple to remove access cover and view port this unit comes ready to install and connect to most existing controls which supply a dual action signal. It also may be purchased with the Una-Dyn Dual Ratio, SCL, or SSL 2-Inlet controller.

    • Quick connect self-sealing air fittings
    • Material view port
    • Exclusive "GB" finish which eliminates painting
    • Posi-Seal valve seats

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