• High-efficiency filtration
  • Low maintenance
  • Maximization of production line lifespan

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    CleanTech is the new filter studied and realised by Piovan to maximize efficiency and protect equipment where air filtration is critical. The winning combination between selected materials and the innovative application of nanotechnology on filter elements not only allows the filter to hold a wide range of particulate matter, but also cuts maintenance costs and increases efficiency where the drying process is fundamental in achieving high-performance products such as in packaging, medical or food sectors.

    In CleanTech the filter element is high-performance acrylic cellulose, and the surface is modified by a tangle of nanofibers. It holds particles with a diameter 37% smaller than those held by a typical filter. The benefit is the reduction of a wear and tear effect in the equipment. The filter lifetime is extended, avoiding clogging in the long run.

    CleanTech filter is easy to maintain. The nanomesh limits filter clogging. Impurities or dust, that are lying on the surface, can be removed by a reverse air pulse resulting in a longer lifespan compared to typical filters.

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