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Orlando, Florida
Come and visit us at the booth W2729

Piovan UnaDyn is pleased to announce its participation in NPE2024 - The Plastics Show, marking its return after six years. The highly anticipated five-day event will be held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, from May 6 to May 10, 2024.

Piovan UnaDyn is poised to unveil its latest advancements in sustainable solutions and cutting-edge technologies for recyclers and manufacturers worldwide. With a rich history of innovation dating back to 1957, Piovan UnaDyn has continuously evolved to meet the industry's ever-changing needs. Since joining forces with the esteemed PiovanGroup in 2008, the company has further solidified its global presence, offering unparalleled expertise and support to its clientele.

This edition of NPE represents a unique opportunity for Piovan UnaDyn to present several pieces of equipment for the first time in the United States,” states Angelo Suar, President of UnaDyn and Piovan Canada. “From drying to dosing, from material handling to software, Piovan UnaDyn returns to NPE after 6 years, offering complete automation systems for plastics processing specifically designed for PET-rPET, Automotive, Medical, Recycling, and Extrusion.”

"At Piovan UnaDyn, innovation is the cornerstone of our culture," remarked Bill Goldfarb, President - ISG at Piovan UnaDyn. "We are excited to present our latest automation systems for plastics at NPE2024, reaffirming our commitment to advancing efficiency and sustainability in the plastics industry."

Visitors to Piovan UnaDyn's booth #W2729, West Building Level 2, will be treated to an immersive experience, with the company's 4,000 square feet of exhibition space organized into distinct sectors: PET-rPET, Automotive, Medical, and Recycling and Extrusion. In addition to physical displays, for PET and Extrusion, attendees can explore virtual environments to witness the showcased solutions in action.

Key highlights at the Recycling Corner of the exhibit include Easypure, an innovative solution for odor removal equipped with Odor Minder – an electronic nose designed to enhance the deodorizing process in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. Additionally, visitors will discover a state-of-the-art Quantum+ batch Blender and cutting-edge Granulators.

For the PET and rPET line, features such as Condenso, a VOC condenser with a unique energy recovery system and activated carbon filters, and SoftBoost, a revolutionary Split hopper that heats the resin from 250 °F to 355 °F in just 45 minutes, reaching the granules' core without degrading the PET or r-PET resin, are set to optimize the recycling process. Solutions like Inspecta AC and BE models - are available to guarantee top-notch product quality by detecting acetaldehyde and benzene in granules, preforms, bottles, and sheets. Additionally, attendees will have the opportunity to explore Vulkano, a new portable device designed to measure VOC presence in process air and monitor filter.

In the Medical Corner, attendees can delve into Lybra Gravimetric Feeders, DPA Compressed-air Micro Dryers, and Pureflo Filterless Vacuum Receivers, all aimed at ensuring efficient polymer processing free from contamination and allowing for comprehensive quality tracking from automation systems to production processes.
Furthermore, the Automotive Corner will showcase a system in operation equipped with Quantum Gravimetric Batch Blender, EasyLink+ Automatic Coupling Station, and Modula Central Drying system, offering flexible, precise, and error-proof material handling.

Piovan UnaDyn is excited to introduce its latest innovation, FACS 4.E, a centralized distributive I/O conveying control system that leverages Power Over Ethernet connectivity. This system not only oversees blenders and dryers but also manages silo inventory and other processing equipment, marking a significant advancement in the field.

Numerous additional pieces of equipment will be showcased at our booth, and our OEM partners will also have them operational at their booths throughout the expo hall.
Piovan UnaDyn invites attendees to explore their comprehensive range of products and solutions, all aimed at driving efficiency, sustainability, and excellence in plastics processing. Booth representatives will be on hand to provide insights, demonstrations, and expert guidance throughout the event.

Come and visit us at the booth W2729