• Verification of contaminant removal
  • Maximisation of filter life and verification of its effectiveness
  • Easy to use

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    Vulkano is a portable instrument for detecting and quantifying the presence of organic carbon compounds (T.O.C. -Total Organic Carbon), in the dehumidification process air.

    Post-consumer hygroscopic plastics must be dehumidified to produce new products. The process to extract moisture also extracts substances absorbed by the polymer during its previous life, the NIAS (Non Intentionally Added Substances). The air circulating in circuits that are typically closed for energy efficiency and safety reasons is at risk of becoming saturated with of organic carbon compounds and can lead to:
    ● oil deposition on the internal surfaces of the dehumidifier
    ● saturation of molecular sieves with consequent loss of functionality
    ● failure to extract N.I.A.S. from the treated plastic.

    Vulkano allows monitoring the saturation of the filters, indicating the relative moment of replacement. It can be used by any line operator with the utmost simplicity due to its intuitive interface.

    As the use of post-consumer plastic increases, it is advisable to use fume condensers such as Condenso and activated carbon filters such as PureTech to protect the dehumidifier and the finished product.

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