• Improving pellet quality
  • Removing contaminations
  • Extend use of PCR, even in high demanding application

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    Easypure allows a significant improvement in the quality of the recycled material, being integrated in the process of mechanical recycling, after the pelletising phase. This is because Easypure removes the low boiling substances contained in the recycled plastic material, that can generate undesired smells.

    Easypure is a flexible system since the main parameters can be adjusted according to actual process conditions. The temperature, the amount of air and the residence time can be controlled and adjusted manually or in a completely automatic way.

    Easypure works by a continuous process thanks to a rotary valve for discharging the material from the hopper that prevents odour dispersion in the installation site.

    For greater control of the deodorizing process, Easypure can be equipped with the electronic nose developed by Piovan - OdorMinder - which provides an immediate evaluation of the effectiveness of the odor removal process from the treated granule.

    Odor Minder thanks to its sensors and, following adequate “training”, is able to detect up to 25 odorous substances. It is characterised by: high sensitivity, high selectivity, good time stability, and high reactivity to gas presence.

    Odor Minder enables perfect traceability of productions with recycled polyolefin such as rPP, rPE, rHDPE, rLDPE.

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