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Brno, Repubblica Ceca
Visitate il nostro stand 53 hall G1 a MSV

At MSV – 1-5 October 2018, Brno Exhibition Centre – the main attraction at the Piovan booth – hall G1, stand 53 – will be the new temperature control unit Easytherm by Aquatech.

Easytherm is characterised by easy-to-use models, suitable for any weather conditions, both in injection and blow moulding and extrusion processes. A new interior and exterior layout, redesigned ergonomic control, coupled with high-end components, characterise a versatile machine that guarantees reliability, accuracy and intelligent management of consumption. Easytherm, using the OPC-UA protocol, is already set up for use in digital factories of Industry 4.0.

Another important innovation will be Winenergy, the system for monitoring and analysing the energy consumption, consisting of proprietary software and connected to a series of measuring instruments capable of detecting data related to different physical quantities, such as power, electricity, thermal energy and temperature. Winenergy can be installed individually or together with Winfactory 4.0.

Come visit us at the stand 53 hall G1.

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