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Piovan’s Easylink is a new range of automatic coupling stations claimed to eliminate cross-material contamination and ensure high production performance. The range includes three models - EL 20, EL 40, EL 60 (with the number indicating the maximum number of sources and destinations manageable). The Easylink stations feature wear resistant rigid ceramic coated pipework throughout that is said to be capable of handling highly abrasive polymers.

Pipework diameters of 40, 50, 60 and 76 mm are available to cover conveying capacities from just a few to thousands of kilograms per hour. Piovan says other key features include: an automatic connection system to the feeder line; a servomotor that drives the selection of the material line; a position controller that ensures proper placement of the mechanism; and a control unit that can be integrated into all vacuum conveyor systems. Each Easylink unit is also equipped with a device that thoroughly cleans the conveyor pipe when a different material is required for the next cycle.



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