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Medical injection moulding specialist Polymermedics has teamed up with Piovan to produce a specific modified version of its Quantum Q7 gravimetric blender. Polymermedics process engineer Sharon Mitchell oversaw the relevant changes in order to adapt the technology to the firm’s needs.

By feeding regrinds directly back into the throat of the blender and ensuring the correct blend of material is fed into the barrel, Mitchell realised she could both dramatically simplify the process and reduce dust generation in the company’s clean moulding environment. She said: “I looked at the system from an operator’s point of view, and how I want it to work.” Mitchell and Polymermedics’ technical manager Neil Skyba travelled from Polymermedics’ base in Cornwall to Piovan’s headquarters in Venice, Italy, to discuss the modifications in person, with the customised Q7 now operating in Polymermedics’ moulding hall. Skyba said: “We have an excellent working relationship with Piovan, so I knew they’d be interested in hearing our suggestions for the system.”

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