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In the near future, the manufacturing processes will be increasingly integrated and the industry will embrace the Industry 4.0’s smart factory approach. Aiming to deliver innovative solutions that will help the plastics processors to achieve progress on this challenging path, Piovan will show relevant new products at Fakuma 2017 (Friedrichshafen, 17-21 October). For the first time world-wide, the Veneto-based manufacturer will present Easytherm, the new line of temperature controllers with advanced control unit which, using the OPC-UA protocol, is already set up for use in digital factories of Industry 4.0. A new internal and external layout, the redesigned ergonomic control, coupled with the use of high-end components, characterise a versatile machine that guarantees reliability, accuracy and an intelligent management of consumption.

Another important innovation will be Winenergy, the system for monitoring and analysing the energy consumption, consisting of proprietary software and connected to a series of measuring instruments capable of detecting data related to different physical quantities, such as power, electricity, thermal energy and temperature. Winenergy can be installed individually or together with Winfactory 4.0, in order to maximize the system control and efficiency.


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Messaggio del Presidente del Gruppo

23 Marzo 2020 S. Maria di Sala, Venice, Italy

Gentili Partner,
ritengo doveroso dare un aggiornamento a tutti i nostri Stakeholders sull’attuale operatività del Gruppo Piovan durante l’emergenza sanitaria causata dal COVID-19. Prima di tutto voglio rassicurarvi che ogni nostra scelta e futura attività avrà come primario scopo la salute e la sicurezza dei nostri Collaboratori e dei nostri Clienti nel rispetto delle normative emesse dai vari Governi ove operiamo.
Tutti i siti produttivi e le società service & sales del Gruppo sono operativi con continuità.

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