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Energy efficiency and sustainability are the drivers of Piovan’s evolution in the development of new designs and applications for the packaging industry.

Wide pet treatment

Along with providing a global service and after sales support, Piovan offers solutions with the ultimate objective for all customers to be successful. Flexible or rigid packaging, cast or blown film, sheets, performs or bottles, cups, closures, strapping bands or other, Piovan’s philosophy is to provide reliability, simplicity, dependability and overall guaranteed productivity.

Starting from these premises, Piovan has brought to the market many innovations for any stage of the material treatment: Genesys for resin drying and conditioning, Quantum for materials blending, Easylink automatic coupling stations for resin distribution and PureFlo filterless receivers for granule conveying, just to mention a few. Leading companies such as APPE in United Kingdom and Extrupet in South Africa have invested in Piovan equipment for their latest high-tech plants.

APPE, PET packaging specialist recently acquired by Plastipack Packaging, has choosen the latest solutions of Piovan for its European largest preform manufacturing plant located in Gresford.

Extrupet, the largest and most advanced recycler of PET bottle materials in the African continent, has recently inaugurated its new Bottle-2-Bottle (B2B) recycling plant in Wadeville, Johannesburg, where a Piovan solution, inclusive of drying system, material receivers and vacuum units will produce 14,000 Tons / year of reprocessed PET resin.

This new Extrupet facility produces PET resin suitable for food contact packaging and also processes recycled resin for carbonated drinks applications. It is first to use Coca-Cola-approved technology to produce carbonated soft drink bottles.


Messaggio del Presidente del Gruppo

23 Marzo 2020 S. Maria di Sala, Venice, Italy

Gentili Partner,
ritengo doveroso dare un aggiornamento a tutti i nostri Stakeholders sull’attuale operatività del Gruppo Piovan durante l’emergenza sanitaria causata dal COVID-19. Prima di tutto voglio rassicurarvi che ogni nostra scelta e futura attività avrà come primario scopo la salute e la sicurezza dei nostri Collaboratori e dei nostri Clienti nel rispetto delle normative emesse dai vari Governi ove operiamo.
Tutti i siti produttivi e le società service & sales del Gruppo sono operativi con continuità.

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