Electrostatic coating


For every ingredient in powder or granules

  • Very high aesthetic quality of the finished product
  • Maximum efficiency in the use of raw materials 
  • Maximum precision and consistency in the application of food powders 

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    PiovanGroup has patented electrostatic coating, a state-of-the-art technology for the application of food powders on sweet and salty products. This technology ensures maximum adherence and uniformity of application of powders and particles on all sides of the product 

    Electrostatic application provides real benefits in the handling of food powders and particles with different consistencies and particle sizes, such as sugar, cocoa, starch, flour, flavourings, salt, seeds, flakes and grains 

    More specifically, electrostatic coating guarantees an increase in productivity by reducing overspray, thereby generating a significant reduction in costs.

    An electrostatic dispenser generates an electric field between itself and the substrate on which the powder is applied. The powder passes through the electric field that is generated, becoming negatively charged. The product to which the coating is to be applied, being electrically grounded, allows the powder to adhere permanently and tenaciously.

    The solution is applicable to both sweet and savory products. For years, the application of flour has been used in the processing of products such as cured meats.