One system for multiple products 

  • Consistent production 
  • Reduction of powders consumption 
  • Improved aesthetic quality 

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    SprayStay is the innovative system developed by Piovan Group for electrostatic coating to apply different kind of powders and small particles on a wide range of products including biscuits, crackers, cakes, chocolate, pasta, snacks and candies. Thanks to this unique electrostatic technology, it is possible to get best in class results compared to traditional gravimetric systems. 

     More specifically, traditional gravitational coating technologies have some limitations, such as significant waste of raw materials, loss of powder adhesion to the finished product and interruption of the production process. SprayStay, on the other hand, ensures that the coating process is uniform, homogenized and enduring, whilst guaranteeing 30% less of raw material used and consistent quality over time, through a completely automated process. 

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