Up to 3,000 m3/h 

  • Extremely compact footprint
  • Patented rotorsanitisation system 
  • Internal water circuitry 

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    DryAir4Food is the dryer for ambient air dehumidification suitable for food processes that treat hygroscopic ingredients such as sugars and food powders, including flours and cocoa.  

    This dryer is equipped with three filtration levels and is suitable for indirect contact with food. As well as meeting the prerequisites common to all machinery in this industry, such as height-adjustable feet and IP54 control panel, DryAir4Food also features a state-of-the- art control system for “Industry 4.0”. The process air flow control with inverter and the possibility of communicating with SCADA systems via the Profinet and Profibus communication protocols are definite strengths that place this product at the leading edge of the technologies currently available on the market. 

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