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Milan, Italy
Visit our stand B71-C72 - hall 24 at Plast and our stand A67-B64 - hall 3 at Ipackima

This year two events coincide for the PiovanGroup, which will be exhibiting at both Plast – stand B71-C72 – and Ipackima, stand A67-B64.

The concurrence of the two shows is the ideal opportunity for offering the Italian market new products, new solutions and high-level engineering for both the plastics and the food processing worlds.

At Plast, the featured innovations will be mainly those bearing the Aquatech brand, belonging to the group company specialising in industrial cooling, now also embracing mould temperature control products. So the spotlight will be firmly on Easycool+ the new line of air-cooled chillers already in line with the severe environmental impact restrictions envisaged by the Ecodesign standards. These new-generation products deliver flexibility, energy efficiency, small footprint and environmental protection.

Under the Aquatech brand, the show sees the Italian market debut of Easytherm, the new state-of-the-art temperature control line, Industry 4.0 digital factory-ready thanks to the OPC-UA protocol. A new internal and external layout, redesigned ergonomic controls and a combination of high-end components make this a versatile unit which guarantees reliability, precision and smart energy use management.

Piovan Winenergy and Winfactory 4.0 will be featured on touchscreens. Winenergy is the energy use monitoring and analysis system comprising proprietary software and connected to a series of measuring devices that acquire data about a variety of physical parameters including power, electricity, thermal energy and temperature. Winenergy can be installed stand-alone or in combination with Winfactory 4.0, to maximise system control and efficiency.

There are also plenty of innovations with regard to material handling, with display of Piovan Quantum E, the innovative gravimetric batch blender with continuous extrusion control, and a system (in operation) comprising a Pureflo filterless granule receiver, Modula series auto-adaptive drying system, and Quantum Q7 batch blender for medical applications.

At the Ipackima fair, Penta – the Piovan company that designs and manufactures large-scale systems for the storage and handling of powder raw materials–  will be displaying several solutions including the new  DryAir4Food, a dryer designed to handle a crucial step in in the treatment and storage of sugars, flours and cocoa powders such as the ambient air dehumidification.

Other interesting innovations include the process automation controls exhibited by Progema - a new company of the Piovan group - in demo version on a dedicated workstation.

Come visit us at Plast - hall 24, stand B71-C72 and at Ipackima - hall 3, stand A67-B64.