Becoming part of the PiovanGroup means working in a dynamic and vital international organisation, where the qualities of the individual and of the team are rewarded.

A dynamic and stimulating environment, a group of people driven by a passion for their work and oriented towards growth and continuous improvement to meet the expectations of customers.

Why work at PiovanGroup?

Working in the PiovanGroup means joining an international team that encourages innovation and growth through cutting-edge training programmes. Through a rewarding system, attentive to each individual, the Group recognizes and values forward-thinking, results-driven people who show passion.

Working with us means being part of a company that pays great attention to sustainability in all its aspects: Social, Environmental and Governance.

Our values

Individuality at the service of the Group

Win together

Individual skills are not enough to achieve goals: team spirit and willingness to get involved are needed to achieve the best results. A winning team is made up of passionate professionals who work together in synergy, sharing their ideas and skills.

We put people first

Life quality and work-life balance

Respect for the person is not just an ideal. At PiovanGroup, respect means recognising the value of people, protecting their rights, providing opportunities for growth and company's successes sharing.
We have always been very attentive to the well-being of people in the company, and we are constantly updating our welfare plan to allow employees to improve the quality of their personal lives and work-life balance.

Transparency in relationships

Clear, direct communication

Honesty, integrity and clarity in the management of work and in relations with the market are intrinsic values in the corporate culture. These qualities are an integral part of an ideal that has been passed on for generations and is supported by clear and open communication, both within the Group and with the outside world.

Ambition and determination

Growth and continuous improvement

In our Group, ambition is considered a positive impulse that drives us towards personal and professional growth.
The determination to pursue individual objectives, consistent with those of the Group, is satisfied and stimulated by a dynamic and stimulating working environment.

Our people

A global and multicultural context

International training experiences, professional paths abroad, relationships and contacts with different cultures, contribute to personal growth and continuous improvement.

Becoming part of the PiovanGroup means working in a dynamic and vital international organisation, where people play a fundamental role, in an open and collaborative environment, in a system that rewards merit, the will to do, the quality of the individual and of the team.

Our presence in the world

* Data from the Sustainability Report 2023
* Data from the Sustainability Report 2023

Join us

Relationships with students and Universities

The exchange of knowledge between Technical Institutes, Universities and Companies through the implementation of joint projects is of strategic importance for innovation and the economic and social growth of the territories. 

We know the value of young and qualified resources, with specific skills in line with the evolution of our business, with great potential and solid academic foundations, able to foster innovation and improvement.   

This is why we collaborate with leading Universities and Technical Institutes worldwide.