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Inspecta is a range of unique and innovative instruments of analysis based on gas chromatography that can detect the presence of volatile substances and so certify good quality of preform produced. It can be used by producers of PET granules, preforms, sheet and bottles to ensure maximum quality of the supplied finished or semi-finished product.

Some unwelcome substances can be present in the raw plastic chips, especially in case of rPET or they can be generated during the production process. Substances such as acetaldehyde or benzene for example can have an impact on the taste of the beverage that is bottled inside and for this reason their concentration has to be kept under control.

The use of the Inspecta increases the rate of monitoring of the PET products by reducing analysis times and costs. It produces highly reliable results carrying out the test in proximity to the injection moulding machine or anywhere within the production plant.

Inspecta is available in two versions:

● InspectaAc for ACETALDEHYDE
A high concentration of acetaldehyde is a consequence of a degradation of PET resin and it can affect the taste of the bottled beverage.

● InspectaBe for BENZENE
Benzene is a volatile potentially toxic; the nowadays higher rate of recycled PET materials utilization may cause presence of benzene in final products over the permitted threshold.

For easy testing every PET shape


Inspecta is based on a new fast head space gas chromatography technology. Five different automatic phases allow the measurements: washing, sample conditioning, pressurisation, load of the loop and gas chromatographic analysis.
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Inspecta can be installed in the production area without the necessity of collecting a sample and bringing it to a laboratory.

Inspecta makes the analysis compatible with the production timing, allowing prompt corrective actions. The completely automatic process of analysis does not require personnel with specific skills, long preparations procedures or the creation of calibration curves. In this way the results are reliable, repetitive and reproducible across Inspecta installed in different factories and the costs for the analysis are minimised.



● Constant process control
● High levels of accuracy
● Repetitive and repeatable results
● Ease of use
● Increase of sampling frequency
● Cost and time reduction for analysis


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