• Maximise plant’s lifespan and minimise system’s operating costs
  • Optimise water quality which is necessary for sustained production
  • Maximise the processes of heat exchange

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    Aquatreat is the new solution by Aquatech for industrial process water treatment. Suitable for a variety of industrial processes, it is a highly customisable solution which allows to monitor, treat and filter the process water.

    Traditional solutions for water treatment are based on polluting additives which require high disposal costs with results that are not always precise. Low quality water causes some problems in the cooling systems, such as plant downtime, efficiency losses and damage to the system components, clogged pipes and maintenance costs increase.

    Good quality of the cooling water is essential to guarantee:
    • maximum reliability of the cooling system
    • prevention of unexpected breakages and damages
    • high efficiency of the cooling system whilst keeping operating costs down
    • safety of the investment.

    With Aquatreat it is possible to manage pH, conductivity, chlorides, sulphates, suspended solids, contaminants and much more to guarantee the correct quality of water. Deviation from the desired values allows a rapid response. Furthermore, it protects pipes from water corrosion thanks to molybdenum matrix additives.

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