Até 500 tons

  • Para diferentes aplicações e materiais
  • Armazenagem totalmente integrada, sistema de carregamento e distribuição de material
  • Soluções turn-key incluindo entrega e instalação

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    Large diameter silos offer with great attention to functional and aesthetics for outdoor installation.
    Suitable for granules, flakes or powders, Piovan silos have specific geometries and devices for according to the materials to store, such as:

    • Outlet air filters
    • Extraction systems for high friction polymers
    • Measurement solutions like load cells or continuous level sensor (radar or plumb bob type)
    • Protection systems for potentially explosive atmospheres.

    The silos are compatible with a wide range of loading methods like truck pumps, sea containers with bags, high pressure blowers for dense or semidense phase conveying systems.

    On request, ground load calculation or specific technical documentation is available.

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