Sugar handling


Tailor-made systems for every project

  • Dense or dilute phase transport
  • Air drying for maximum moisture control
  • Shredding with various types of screen grids

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    The Piovan Group provides specific solutions for the management and treatment of hygroscopic products such as sugar.
    More in detail, it designs and manufactures machinery for ambient air drying, conveying, shredding, storage and dosing.

    It develops, for example, systems for sugar dense phase transport, over long distances and for large capacities, capable of preserving the particle size distribution of the product: the Group has already realised multiple systems for sugar dense phase transport, up to a distance of 300 metres and for a capacity of 8,000 kg/h.  Piovan also supplies drying solutions for the transport of sugar with the process air and machinery for the shredding of any lumps that may be created due to the ambient air moisture, sudden changes in temperature and storage times. 

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