From 400 to 2,900 m3/h

  • For ambient temperature up to 45°C and humidity up to 90%
  • Easy maintenance
  • Compact footprint for installation close to primary machine on mezanine or floor

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    Piovan Mould Dryers is ideal to prevent condensation in the mould area. They can operate in open or closed loop and for single or multiple machines.
    Consistent dew point is assured by the PID control. Designed for fast start-up, do not need settings by operators.

    They are ideally suited for:
    • Mould enclosures of fast-cycle IMM’s
    • Mould enclosures of blow moulding machines
    • Mould enclosures and robot area of PET IMM’s.

    The drying action is obtained with the combination of two steps:
    • pre-condensing phase, in which the cooling water is used to reduce the humidity content.
    • drying phase: the Dew Point of the process air is improved thanks to the internal desiccant wheel.

    The temperature of the air going into the enclosure can be further adjusted thanks to a post-cooler.
    The cooling water consumption is minimized with an automatic regulating valve.

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