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S. Maria di Sala, Venice
Press release

Sustainalytics' improved ESG rating and the "Industry Top Rated" badge validate the Piovan Group's commitment to the environmental, social and governance sectors, while respecting the company's his-toric values: customers, people and innovation.

Piovan Group improves its sustainability rating
. It ranks, in fact, in the 27th percentile among all 15,620 international companies analyzed by Sustainalytics and in the 5th percentile of companies in Industrial machinery alone. In summary, Piovan has better performance in Environmental, Social and Governance than 73 out of 100 and 95 out of 100 companies - in the two perimeters, respectively. The Group's syn-thetic risk rating stood at 20.5 points (up from 21.9 in 2021). In addition to the improvement in ESG Rating, Piovan wins the "Industry Top Rated" badge for the second consecutive year and is confirmed among the Top 50 companies in the industry sector.

Improvement for Piovan Group occurred in almost all of the indicators examined: Corporate govern-ance, Business Ethics, Product Governance, Human Rights, Supply Chain, Carbon, Own Operation, Occu-pational, Health and Safety. The good results are the result of a series of specific actions taken by the Group in line with the company's strategic objectives of growth and differentiation, attentive to: business ethics, human rights, health and safety, and human capital.

Alongside the progressive economic and financial growth of recent years, which has led the Piovan Group toward world leadership in industrial automations for the transport and processing of polymers, recycled plastics, powders, and food creams, the commitment to ESG areas has also strengthened, now confirmed by Sustainalytics, a Morningstar group company, a leader in independent ESG research, rat-ings, and data that support investors in developing and implementing responsible investment strategies.

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