Modula auto-adaptive central drying systemsConsistent Efficiency

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Modula automatically adjusts and controls all operating parameters for each individual hopper and hence uses only the overall amount of energy strictly required. This is made possible through specific software that interfaces the settings for each hopper with the data collected by the sensors installed on the system.
By using a patented measuring unit located in the air supply line and under each hopper, the airflow can be adjusted and controlled instantaneously and independently hopper by hopper. In addition, total airflow is modulated automatically by the central drying unit, resulting in optimum process operating conditions.

Main features:
• Self-modulating operation for 50% Energy Savings
• Inverter controlled process blower
• Proprietary air flow control
• Patented automatic modulation of process air flow
• Industrial PC system control
• Material database management
• Available for medium capacity applications (200 to 300 kg/h)


● Energy efficient functioning: optimized automatic modulation of all drying parameters for each specific polymer
● Continuous adjustment of airflow
● Up to 16 hoppers independently managed
● Winfactory 4.0 ready