Lybra LV volumetric masterbatch dosing unitVolumetric units for masterbatch and additive dosing

Float block image lybra lv 720x500 website

Main features:
• Angled auger assembly
• Central block with smooth internal surfaces.
• Brush-less motor with integrated control and closed loop rotation feature.
• 2 configurations: 1 station (LV1) or 2 stations (LV2).
• Optional integrated mixer unit
• Optional specific regrind station 40 dm3

The unit can accommodate up to two independent dosing stations, which can even be of different capacities and be retrofitted to meet changing production needs. Each dosing station can be configured for individual capacities in the tens of g/h, up to 170 kg/h.
The unit comprises a microprocessor control system with 7 inch touch screen. A single screen, with intuitive graphical interfaces, allows the operator to control operation of the whole system, compare preset dosing values with actual values, check instantaneous production values and access all the unit’s functions. Connection to external supervision systems (by means of an Ethernet) means settings can be downloaded and exported, while it also provides the option of controlling the unit remotely.
The dosing auger is available in 3 configurations: single, dual or triple helical shaft for controlling material dosing in low percentages with a high level of accuracy and repeatability.


● Elimination of dosing variations: high level of accuracy and repeatability.
● Wide range of capacities.
● Straightforward user interface with 7” touch screen.
● Connection to remote production management systems.