For dosing from grams to tonnes

  • Maximum precision and accuracy 
  • Full traceability of all production data 
  • Simplified machine cleaning 

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    In food ingredient handling processes, accurate dosing of powders and granular products is essential.

    PiovanGroup designs a range of loss-in-weight dosers that guarantee absolute dosing precision thanks to a spherical arc. These dosing machines provide, with reference to the relevant recipe, the correct quantity of raw material that can be mixed or directly discharged into the primary operating machines. It is also possible to create a premix between different ingredients, through continuous dosing.

    The Group's offer is enriched by a range of volumetric dosers, to meet all customer requirements.

    The ingredients covered include creams, liquids, powders and granules. Digital load cells also allow dosing of micro-ingredients such as inclusions or other additives.

    The Group's dosing systems can also be combined with barcode readers tracking systems for complete traceability of raw materials. The cleaning operations of the PiovanGroup's dosing units are simple, fast and safe thanks to the characteristics of the machinery which make the disassembly of the components immediate and are suitable to be carried out by line operators, without the intervention of maintenance teams.

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