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Press Review


Canadian Plastics

NPE is an event where - to put it mildly - companies want to make a big splash with new products and technologies. And they never seem to disappoint. From auxiliary equipment to processing machines to mold technologies to new materials and more, NPE2018 is shaping up to be cuttingedge enough to bleed. Here's a look at just some of what you'II see at the big reveal in Orlando.

Piovan (Booth W1923) has expanded its Quantum gravimetric batch blender range by introducing two new models: the Q50 and Q80. The Q50 has a maximum capacity of 550 kg per hour, and the Q80 can achieve a capacity of 800 kg per hour. Both permit greater flexibility in use and high precision even at small capacities. While the Q50 allows the operator to manually remove the dosing stations and switch them, the very weight and size of the stations prevent this on the Q80, which belongs in the category of essentially "central" blenders. With these two additions, the Quantum range now consists of four models. The smallest Quantum blender, the Q7, has a capacity ranging from one to 70 kg per hour, while the Q12 (pictured) has a capacity of 150 kg per hour. These two models can also be used for very low capacities since they maintain a very high level of precision at 10 or 20 kg per hour.


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