Easypure deodoriserOdourless plastic

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Easypure is the deodoriser developed by Piovan to strip critical volatile substances, which generate unpleasant smells, from post-consumer plastic during its recycling process.

The plastic used to make packaging absorbs the odour of what it contains such as cleaning agents, food, detergents or chemicals. The substances, which have migrated into the plastic, are usually not completely removed by the washing phase in the recycling process and can generate an unpleasant smell during the reprocessing or, worse, during the use of the final product.

Furthermore, both virgin and recycled plastic materials tend to release some volatile substances that can condense on cool surfaces after temperature changes: this phenomenon is called fogging and is typical of car interiors.

By adopting a deodoriser it is possible to:
● extend the use of recycling materials to a wide range of highly demanding applications
● enhance the quality of the recycled material
● improve user experience by eliminating substances that generate annoying odours
● prevent fogging.

Easypure can strip the VOC responsible for odours by extracting contaminants further than that done in the normal recycling process.


● High quality recycled pellets
● Extended use of PCR plastics
● Cost effective solution
● High degree of contaminant removal
● Complete control of the process


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